M.A.D gbr is a collective founded by filmmaker Giacomo Corvaia and choreographer Enrico Paglialunga. Since 2020 they have been creating interdisciplinary and interactive projects bringing together choreography and cinematography.

This project has been realized in collaboration with an international team of over ten artists, IT specialists and professionals in the field of cinema-performing arts from Germany, Spain, Japan, Israel, Russia, and Italy.

Artistic direction and choreography

Enrico Paglialunga

Italian choreographer, dancer and teacher of contemporary dance. Since 2016 he has worked across Europe in theater and film productions. Most recently he choreographed the SkyTv serie Babylon Berlin, the interactive dance film ‘afterME’ and the Musical Production ‘Prinz von Preußen’ at Ght-Theater Görlitz. His works have been selected and shown internationally in Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Italy, Spain and Jordan. He is a guest teacher in numerous dance centers and academies in Italy, Germany and Switzerland. From 2019 to 2023 his work has received grants from the DachverbandTanz Neustart Kultur and Fonds für Darstellende Künste.


Co-artistic direction | camera | editing

Giacomo Corvaia

Italian filmmaker and video editor based in Berlin. He studies cinematography at the Shot Academy in Rome and post production at the IED - European institute for Design. His work focuses mainly on music videos, dance films, video installations and stage documentations. He has collaborated since 2015 with cie.Toula Limnaios as their filmmaker and live streaming camera operator and he’s a video editor for MTV Germany, Sky and History Channel. His works are presented in various festivals and venues across Europe and worldwide.



Niv Melamed

Niv Melamed is a dancerperformer, a dance-teacher and creator in the contemporary dance field. After training and teaching Capoeira for 7 years, Niv followed his interest in performing arts and trained in acting and contemporary dance in Israel and in SEAD (Salzburg). Soon after, Niv joined the “johannes wieland dance company” of Staatstheater Kassel (DE), where he collaborated with choreographers Johannes Wieland (DE), Maxine Doyle (UK; Punchdrunk), Lenka Vagnerová (CZ), Helder Seabra (PT). As a freelancer Niv works in Dance, Film & TV, and theater, where he collaborated with Evangelos Poulinas (GR), Ryan Mason (US) and Reut Shemesh (IL) among others. Niv currently choreographs and rehearsal-directs in Stadttheater Gißen's Dance company and teaches companies and professionals, creating enabling spaces where moves and ideas meet people.


Josephine Haas

started studying dance from a wee age and continued her journey professionally across the Atlantic landing in Berlin, Germany as a Freelance artist in 2018. Since 2016 Josephine has engaged in various artistic projects internationally. Currently Josephine is touring teaching movement and reviving her own solo work ‘swallow me’ premiering in Berlin in October 2023.


Ichiro Sugae

was born in 1990 in Japan. His dance training began at Noism2 under the direction of Jo Kanamori in 2011. In 2014 he left the company and started freelancing in Tokyo with various artists. In 2016 he moved to Europe to join the production “¿Qué haré yo con esta espada?” by Angélica Liddell in Avignon Festival. Since then, he has freelanced in Europe with various directors, choreographers and artists, among others Rui Horta, Helena Waldmann, Saju Hari, Niño de Elche and Saar Magal. From 2020 to 2023 he was with Emanuel Gat Dance and from 2021 to 2023 he was with Sasha Waltz and Guests. From 23/24 season he will join DresdenFrankfurtDanceCompany directed by Ioannis Mandafonis.


Sonia Rodriguez

is a choreographer, dancer, and teacher of contemporary dance. She has worked with many international dance companies including Rui Horta Stage Works, Charleroi Danse, En-Knap, Lanònima Imperial, CobosMika, and La Baraka. She founded Cía. Sonia Rodriguez Company in 2002, awarded 3rd Best Performer Prize at the 8th International Solo Dance Stuttgart and Best Choreography at the Danza Calviá Festival. Sonia's works are shown worldwide in America,Asia and Europe and founded by the Fonds Darstellende Künste, Dachverband Tanz Deutschland and Goethe Institute.



Giovanni Sabelli Fioretti

In recent years he has been developing a freelance career as a dramaturge in the independent contemporarydance scene in Berlin and Italy. He studied dance in New York (Movement Research and Trisha Brown Studio), Bruxelles (Laster Studio) and Milan (Ariella Vidach and Enzo Procopio). Recently he started a PhD research at the university of Huddersfield with Ben Spatz. The topic of his practise-based research is how to make use of digital media within the dramaturgical practice in order to create a hybrid dramaturgy, which is both embodied and dispersed in the web.


Original music composition

Paul Tinsely

Paul Tinsley is a composer of contemporary electronic music, producer & sound designer. While studying art at the University of Leeds (UK) with a focus on sculpture, Paul developed more interest in sound than objects and began experimenting with sounds in space. His work has led the Berlin-based artist to tens of projects over the past decade, as well as commissions in dance and film productions.


Further Credits

Production manager Alina Aleshchenko

Costumes Victoria McConnell in collaboration with dancers

Web Development & Graphic Design Can Kahya |

B Camera Milan Daemgen

Sound recording Juan Ramirez

Motion Graphics André Stauch

Set assistant Juan Corres

Backstage Video documentation Oliver Zimmermann

Thanks to Garage Tanz Berlin, Mahalla, Uferstudios Berlin, DanceWorks Berlin

Special Thanks to Boris and all the extras who joined us on set!